5 Fragen zu "Marco Polo 2: Im Auftrag des Khan" von Simone Luciani


Hello Simone, soon the game "Marco Polo 2" will be released.

1) How did you come together with your partner Daniele Tascini to develop a new game about Marco Polo?


The idea and most of the development work on the game come from the publisher ("Hans im Glück"). We worked a little on the project.


2) How does "Marco Polo 2" differ from from "Marco Polo 1" ?


The game take a lot from the first chapter, all the main mechanics are the same. You roll the dices, travel and fulfill contracts. The new game is a little bit more complex and for gamers. You have a new map, starting from Bejing. You have new action space and new connection. You have contracts on cities so you have to travel to take contracts. The game also have a new resource (jade) and 3 new way to spend resources.

So you can pay gold to take a golden ring, silk to have a princes's dress and so on. You can use these "advanced resources" to use secret path and to have some action powered. You also have a new way to score points with objective cards.

3) How long have you been working on this game?


Very fast, because a lot of work is from "HiG". We tested some time the "HiG-prototypes" and send some feedback and changes they implemented in the game.


4) Has this development time been easier than with Marco Polo 1?


Yes. A new game with the same core mechanics is always faster, but a game with the same mechanics where the publisher develop a lot is more faster!


5) How would you describe the feel of Marco Polo 2 in three words?


Marco Polo for gamers!